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African diplomatic mission to China visited YTO, making high praise for YTO products and technical strength

To implement outcomes of forum on China-Africa cooperation 2018 Beijing summit and deepen one belt one road construction, on Nov.21, 33 African ambassadors to China visited YTO, sponsored by FOCAC secretariat.
In recent years, Henan province have been playing a positive role in the cooperation with African countries in the fields of economic and trade, investment and infrastructure. The activity aims to implement outcomes of forum on China-Africa cooperation Beijing summit and to forge a joint effort on eight big action  including industrial promotion, facilities connect and trade convenience, especially to deepen the cooperation in manufacturing industry and agriculture. The activity will lend strong impetus to one belt one road initiative in Henan province in new age, according to foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs office of Henan provincial government.
At YTO farming museum, after knowing about YTOs reform and development history, the mission highly affirmed its contributions to Chinas agricultural modernization and they also asked sales and services of YTOs products in African market.
Before the map of YTOs global first-level dealers, African diplomatic envoys stopped to search for the dealers in their own countries. By thumbs up, they all made high praise for YTO products and technical strength.
In big tractor assembling factory and debugging field, the envoys were exited to see the production and various models. Some of them climbed up to a big tractor and tried to drive it. Others took a group photo with tractors.
YTO products leave me a deep impression after the visit. Henan province has made great contributions to agricultural machinery research. On the Beijing summit of forum on China-Africa cooperation 2018 in September, one of eight big action , sponsored by president Xi Jinping, is industrial promotion. The patterns of YTO provide a model of China-Africa cooperation, says Madou Ndiya, ambassador of Senegal to China.

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