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Power-shift tractors produced by YTO France company show on the first China international import expo

On Nov.5, the first China international import expo opened in Shanghai. The high-end products including intelligent tractors and parts produced by YTO France company showed on the exposition.
81 countries and organizations including WTO, UNIDO and international trade centre attended the exposition. The 300 million sqm exhibition area contains 8 country’s exhibition areas and company’s exhibition areas. The high-end and intelligent equipment is in the hall 3 and hall 4 where the YTO products are. 340 companies from 35 countries and regions bring their products in the areas of artificial intelligence, industrial automatic, robot, digital factory and Internet of Things.
In the exhibition hall, we can clearly see the working principle of YTO power-shift transmission system through product profile, and have the knowledge of the high-end manufacturing level and excellent technical standard.
YTO power-shift high-horsepower tractors of independent intellectual property meet the demand of customers in big farms. The model fills the domestic void and is the first one to put into volume production and market. Nearly 20,000 units were sold since it was on the market. It also pulls down the prices of similar import products.
In March 2011, YTO successfully purchased the France factory producing power-shift transmission system, which belonged to Italian ARGO Group. YTO-LF2204 is equipped with TX4A transmission system produced by France company and other core parts produced by international famous companies. Its short development cycle and risk reduction play a positive role during the marketing process. It also applies the parts international platform.
Seeing from the tractor producing platform, YTO has changes from rotary gear, synchronizer to power-shift. Power-shift tractors are absolutely new upgrade products. YTO is once again the pioneer of China’s tractor industry.
The CIIE lasts for 6 days from Nov.5 to Nov10. During that time, it holds a lot of forums and expositions. Hongqiao international economic and trade forum with the theme of “unleashing new vitality in global economy and trade, creating a new pattern of openness and win-win progress” is made up of opening ceremony, three conventional forums, international finance and economic medium forum and think tanks forum. 2000 officials of government , international organizations and enterprises and experts and scholars from 130 countries and regions come to the event.

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