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Xi Jinping visited Heilongjiang Province During his visit, he saw YTO machine harvesting the rice field and said that our bowl must be in our own hand

On Sep.25, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission arrived in Heilongjiang Province. During his visit in Heilongjiang, Xi Jinping came to Qixing farm in Jiansanjiang district. There he had a cordial talk with the staff in the farm and saw YTO harvester harvesting the rice field. Xi Jinping stood in the middle of a large field of rice and YTO harvester. What a beautiful and harmonious picture it was!
Xi Jinping asked detailed questions about rice production, rice harvest and agricultural mechanization in the farm. He said that agriculture is our foundation and our bowl must be in our own hand.
YTO-4LZ-9(YT9909) is a large combined grain harvester produced by YTO Heilongjiang company and put on the market in 2016. The product’s main function is to harvest rice and wheat and it also can harvest soybean and other crop if changed some parts. The customers have high praise for this new model with various functions.
YTO Heilongjiang company was set up in 2011 to enhance the core technology and industrialization of agricultural machinery in China. After its foundation, the company adds the product categories, accelerates the research of new products and promotes the integration of production, education and research. It improves the ability of integrated innovation and develops new and high technology products of independent intellectual property.
The strong technological strength of YTO Group is the big supporter of Heilongjiang company. YTO is the only manufacturer in China which can produce wheeled and crawler tractors from 17HP to 400HP. The core parts in tractors are all produced by their own. The six tractor assembly lines are most productive, flexible, automatic and informationalized in China and the heavy-duty diesel engine assembly lines are also very advanced. It has more than 200 machining centers.
Heilongjiang Province is located in the northeast China. Changed from Beidahuang to Beidacang, Heilongjiang has friendship with YTO for more than 60 years. 60 years ago when Beidahuang was under cultivation, YTO tractors were shipped from Luoyang to Northeast China to help the construction there and YTO made a great contributions to the development of Beidahuang; after the reform and opening-up policy, YTO’s new models such as 120HP, 180HP, 220HP and power-shift tractors all adapted to the large farms in Heilongjiang. YTO is the best selling tractor in the Northeast. YTO Heilongjiang company set up in Qiqihar City in 2011 is a new chapter in the friendship between YTO and black land in the Northeast.   

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