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YTO driverless tractor shines on CCTV stage

On Aug.11, the driverless tractor of YTO independent intellectual property shone in the program Machinery excels man in wisdom on CCTV1 and won in the man vs. machine competition. It is awarded the title of intelligent pioneer in 2018.
This model of the driverless tractor is YTO LF1104-C, which is one of the most important research programs in the company. The driverless system is made up of four parts: differential base station, remote control system, agricultural machinery driverless system and information management system. Its functions include automatic path planning and navigation, automatic reverse, autonomous braking, remote starting, remote flameout, automatic after power output, automatic control of engine speed and agricultural machine, obstacle avoidance and so on. It is by far the most advanced YTO intelligent product and reflects the top level in tractor research in YTO Group.
Integrated modern information technology, YTO driverless tractor can improve farming quality and efficiency. It can improve farming precision by making maximum use of land, seeds, chemical fertilizer and reduce the cost of agricultural production. In subsequent research, the technical people will speed up the development of China driverless tractor by using mobile terminal, panoramic technique, intelligent farming system.
In the program, Jin Maofang, a female tractor driver of the first generation in China was the judge in the race in which the driverless tractor competed with a human driver. The driverless tractor showed its talents in automatic start, operating farm equipment, obstacle avoidance and other functions.
Actually, it is not the first excellent show of YTO driverless tractor. In Jun, it stands out from all of the 12 driverless tractors in Chinas first experiment in agricultural unattended operation in whole process, which keeps the leading position of YTO in the intelligent tractor field.
Machinery excels man in wisdom is a science and technology challenge program sponsored by CCTV and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is the first man-machine competition science program in China and first broadcast on Aug.11. Its theme is China intelligent manufacturing and focus on artificial intelligence.
In the program, the advanced technologies, difficult technological   problems and fulfilling peoples good wishes are the three main subjects. How to solve these problems? You can get answers in the program which shows Chinas achievement in the solutions by artificial intelligence.
The program has drawn a good amount of attention in the public after the broadcast. YTO are household names. The relevant news on YTO Wechat official account hit a record high of over 25 thousand within 3 days.

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